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U.S retail sales recorded a slight increase of just 0.1 percent in the month of October, 2015. This is indicative of a slowdown in consumer spending that has characterized the better part of 2015. The American economy has the past few months banked on increased consumer spending to spur growth. However, the slowdown in consumer spending may necessitate other measures to propel economic growth.

Gas station store sales value recorded the greatest slump of 0.9 percent in October. This is a reflection of a fall in global oil prices that has not spared American businesses. Car dealership businesses also recorded a significant slump of 0.5 percent in consumer spending for the month of October. Economists attribute the slump to heavy discounting by auto dealers. Interestingly, Automakers reported strong sales in October.

Consumer spending, however, is expected to spike towards the end of the year due to reduced inflation and a propensity to spend during the holiday season.

WASHINGTON: The US have fined French multinational Alstom, the record USD 772 millions over the international bribery charge for this energy and transport giant where they bribed government official in Taiwan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. Alstom, who got a multi billion contract in India for supply of 800 railway engines in the Indian Railways had earlier also pleaded guilty to these charges. Their widespread corruption scheme involved over $ 75 million in secret bribes given to government official in countries around the world, Such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, The Bahamas,Egypt and Taiwan.

A Connecticut district. court judge formally sentencing the energy giant to pay the fine, a record under this act, after it was agreed that in December 2014 in the plea negotiations. Alstom through their various units including some with a US presence, “paid bribes to government officials and manipulated books and records in relation with power, grid and other transportation projects for state owned entities over the world.

For the past six years or so, the global economy has been marked down in subpar growth rates which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned will persist. The IMF has said this will be caused by the ever-growing unacceptable rate of unemployment and poverty levels around the globe. The IMF report released on Sunday by its Managing Director ahead of the G20 summit, has caused a lot of uproar and different reactions in world business this past week with economists all over the world slicing the forecasts they make.

Earlier, economists had made economic expansion forecasts for the year 2016 that estimated it to be at 3.9% up from 2015’s 3.1%. The recent IMF report has however opposed this steep rate of climb, confidently forecasting that it will be at 3.5% way lower than anyone expected. The IMF predictions of global economy expansion, suggest that current growth of the economy has a slower marginal rate than what has been recorded for the past 5 years. This means that expansion has become fragile and economic growth efforts risk being derailed if the proper measures and right approaches are not used. This possibility is supported by the decline in the prices of commodities, reduced rates of investments made in emerging markets and the rise in the volatility of the global financial market.

The past week has seen, a number of major international bodies, banks and key business players, shrinking their earlier outlooks on the global economic growth rates by up to 0.7%. The IMF says the major risks to the world economy are the normalization of the monetary policy that is about to be done by the U.S Federal Reserve, the slowing rate of growth of China’s and Russia’s economy and the reduced rates of business investment, recently seen in emerging markets, due to high capital goods’ prices. UBS economists have been reporting that the possibility of a corporate-credit situation in South America, especially in Brazil, is also a viable risk to the expansion of the global business economy.

A business, otherwise called a venture or a firm, is an association included in the procurement of merchandise, administrations, or both to consumers. Businesses are pervasive in entrepreneur economies, where the majority of them are exclusive and give wide range of products and administrations to clients in return for different merchandise, administrations, or cash. Companies might be not-revenue driven or state-possessed. A business possessed by various people may be alluded to as a company.

Business can allude to a specific organization or to a whole market area, e.g. “the music business”. Mixed structures, for example, agriculture business speak to subsets of the word’s more extensive importance. The goal is for arrangements to be more than utilizations achieving an advantage.

Fundamental types of possession:

Types of business possession change by ward; however a few normal structures exist:
Sole proprietorship: A sole proprietorship, otherwise called a sole broker, and is possessed by one person and works for their advantage. The proprietor may work the business alone or with different people. A sole proprietor has vast risk for all commitments acquired by the business, whether from working expenses or judgments against the business. All advantages of the business fit in with a sole proprietor, including, for instance, PC framework, any stock, producing gear and/or retail apparatuses, and also any genuine property claimed by the business.

Association: An organization is a business claimed by two or more individuals. In many types of associations, every accomplice has boundless obligation for the obligations acquired by the business. The three most pervasive sorts of revenue driven associations are general organizations, restricted associations, and constrained risk associations.

Company: The proprietors of an organization have restricted risk and the business has a different legitimate identity from its proprietors. Enterprises can be either government-possessed or exclusive. They can deal with either income driven or as not-income driven affiliations. A selective, income driven organization is claimed by its shareholders, who choose a directorate to coordinate the enterprise and contract its administrative staff. An exclusive, revenue driven organization can be either hidden held by a little gathering of people, or freely held, with traded on an open market shares recorded on a stock trade.

Helpful: Often alluded to as a “center”, an agreeable is a constrained obligation business that can sort out revenue driven or not-for-benefit. A helpful contrasts from an organization in that it has individuals, not shareholders, and they share choice making power. Cooperatives are ordinarily named either purchaser cooperatives or specialist cooperatives. Cooperatives are crucial to the logic of financial greater part lead government.